Here are some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions from customers. If you have any other questions please contact us.


All our bicycles are delivered 85% assembled in a box. To ensure your safety, and for legal reasons we require that your purchase be assembled and adjusted by a trained competent cycle mechanic before use.

Raleigh Owners Guide & Assembly Instructions Online Information

Diamondback Owners Guide & Assembly Instructions Online Information

Help Maintaining your Bicycle

Generic Assembly Instructions:

PDF File Icondownload adults bike build instructions (PDF 221kb)

PDF File Icondownload playbike build instructions (PDF 175kb)

Technical Questions

Please use the 'Ask a Question Button' on the product page. Alternatively email us using the contacts form.

What size bike do I need?

Every model has an "Inside Leg Range" listed, simply choose the size that suits you best.

what bike size guide
For Further Sizing Info Click Here

Where do you deliver to?

UK mainland
Isle of Wight
Isle of Man
Scottish Isles
Channel Islands
Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

How much is delivery?

Standard UK Mainland Delivery £19.80 per Bicycle. Frequent promotions make delivery FREE! To see if you are eligible add the items to your shopping basket and select the Standard UK Mainland Delivery option.

Standard UK Mainland Delivery £8.99 per Order for Accessories, Clothing, Tyres and Components. Frequent promotions can bring this price down! To see current pricing for postage, add the item to your shopping basket and select the check out option of your choice.

For more detailed delivery options add your item to the shopping basket and review shopping basket contents.

Yodel Bicycle Bike Delivery

How long does delivery take for bicycles?

We strive for a minimum of 3 working days to deliver your bicycle if you are a Mainland UK customer. Elsewhere can take up to 2 weeks from date order is placed. You may specify your prefered delivered day when you place your order.

Delivery is on weekdays only, your signature will always be required. If the product is not in stock you will be notified of the delay. Delivery can be any time between 9am and 5pm and we will always try to deliver on time but in the unlikely event of your bike being undelivered please allow 1 business day before contacting us. This will give us time to update our courier records!

If possible have the bike delivered to your work so you don't have to take time off.

How long does delivery take for Accessories?

We will strive for a minimum of 3 working days to deliver your goods if you are a mainland UK customer. Delivery elswhere can take an extra 7 days.

Can I Have an extra discount?

To get a discount code you have to send us an email on the contact form to see if you are eligible. If you work for a company/organisation with over 10 staff/members we can sometimes offer you a discount code off your order. We will always try to help.

How to use your discount code

How do I contact

Email your enquiries to

For further contact details click here

Who We Are

For over 60 years our family run business RCC Southern Ltd have delivered bikes and accessories to households and businesses across the country. No matter how big or small your order is we guarantee excellent service.

More information About
Why Buy From

Are my details safe?

Yes, and you can trust us that they will not be passed onto any third parties.

Product Specification

As with any product, specification is subject to change without prior notification. You are advised to confirm current specification before buying.


Our Collect In Store prices are higher than those online due to the cost of building and servicing the bicycle. We also offer Aftercare Servicing on all in store bikes. Contact us for details.

Collect In Store is available from our Shoreham showroom call us for details.

Cyclescheme Prices: Any bikes and accessories purchased through cyclescheme through will be quoted at the internet price or offer price, ask us for a quote using the contact form or 'ask a question' button on the product page. Our Cyclescheme Store Code is MAILO002.

How do I order?

Use the "Buy It Now" button shown on each product’s page. Once you have finished selecting all your purchases click the "Checkout" tab at the top of the page, then you may "Place Order".

How do I pay?

Please submit your credit/ debit card details via our secure server. 128-bit encryption is used to protect your details. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Switch cards.

How long will a bike last my child?

This is assuming the seat and handlebars are at their lowest point; every child grows at a different rate, but as a guide if the balls of their feet touch the ground you can expect 2 - 3 years out of a child's bicycle. For a more precise answer we recommend you bring your child to our showroom for more tailored sizing.

What size diameter is my seat post?

Remove the seat pin and look for a circle with a line through it.

Like this: Diameter Sign

You should also have a size stamped next to it for example 25.4mm. That is your seat post diameter! You can also use a vernier gauge or a digital micrometer. Be precise as the diameter must be exact. 0.1 of a mm is the difference between you being able to insert a seat post correctly and tighten your seat clamp safely!

What size diameter is my handlebar stem?

For a quill fit handlebar stem: remove the handlebar stem and look for a circle with a line through it.

Like this: Diameter Sign

You should also have a size stamped next to it for example 25.4mm. That is your handlebar stem diameter! You can also use a vernier gauge or a digital micrometer. Be precise as the diameter must be exact. 0.1 of a mm is the difference between you being able to insert a handlebar stem correctly and tighten it safely!

Do you sell handlebar mounted child seats?

We do not sell handlebar or cross bar mounted childseats for the following reasons:
1. We do not consider them a safe way of transporting a child on a bicycle.
2. Handlebars should not be overloaded with extra weight as it can effect the handling of the bike.
3. There can be compatibility issues with cables running along the top tube and the shape of the frame, this can also affect the bike's frame warranty from the manufacturer.

Raleigh's position on de-restricting electric bikes
Dear Consumer:
Re. Raleigh's position on de-restricting electric bikes
As you may or may not be aware, there has been much talk recently of the de-restriction of electric bikes in the UK to exceed current legal limits.
To be clear on our position we are adding the below information to our public facing websites in relation to our ebikes.
These statements are in line with the best interests of our consumers and of course in line with recommendations from our suppliers.
The following notification will be added to each e-bike on our websites:
Important Please be aware that this bike is regulated in line with existing Electric Power Assisted Cycles regulations.
Any modification to the bike will invalidate the guarantee and in particular any modification which increases the power of the motor and/or the top assisted speed of the bike may make the rider liable to prosecution.
Excluding statutory obligations Raleigh will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred following any modification to this product.

Furthermore, the following will be added to FAQ section of our websites:

Is Tuning Authorised?

The are various companies and individuals who offer a "tuning" or customized modification of Bosch e-bike Systems, especially through the internet.
As the original component manufacturer, Bosch e-Bike Systems strongly advises against using such products and services, or attempting to modify a Bosch e-Bike System yourself: there is a great risk of shortening your system’s service life, and of damaging both the drive unit and the bike.
There is also the danger of negating the guarantee and warranty claims on the bike you purchased.
In addition, improper treatment of the system will endanger your safety and that of other road users, risking accidents as a result of this tuning, as well as steep personal liability costs and even criminal prosecution.
Therefore, Bosch e-Bike Systems calls upon all e-bike riders and vendors to refrain from "tuning" products and services.

I want to buy a used ebike whose owner claims to have made some "improvements" to the system. What do you recommend?

Our clear advice in this situation: Stay away from such offers.
The Bosch e-Bike System is designed for maximum safety and service life, and all components of the system are controlled and monitored by very complex software. Any intervention in the structure of the system will almost certainly lead to deterioration in function: It can jeopardize the safety of the rider, cause wear to greatly increase, or even mean that operation and use violate legal regulations.
Any work on the system except by an authorized person or organization following the manufacturers' guidelines would certainly negate any Guarantee or Warranty offered by the manufacturer or supplier.

Here are the childseats we sell, they all conform to UK safety standards.

Who is sports nutrition for?


You don't have to be an athlete to use sports nutrition, just be sensible and only use what you actually need. The HIGH 5 Zero drink for example helps rehydrate you, has electrolytes and has been proven to burn 41% more fat during exercise.

Browse our Sports Nutrition options here.

Where are your bikes made?

97% of our bicycles are produced in Europe, the other 3 percent are made in Taiwan as the Carbon Fibre manufacturing process is world renowned. We believe in sourcing bicycles from world leading manufacturing plants wherever that may be.

How can i work out my Gear Ratio?

You can do that on our handy Gear Chart Calculator

How do I raise my handlebars?

If it is a quill fit handlebar you raise it by loosening the allen key bolt on the top of the stem and raising the handlebar stem, then tighten sufficiently when you have reached the correct height. DO NOT exceed the max level, this is usually a dashed line around the stem.

If it is an A-Head handlebar stem you must use an A head stem raiser as per manufacturer's instructions.

How do I raise my saddle?

Similar to the handlebar stem you should never raise your seatpost above the max level mark. Sometimes there can also be a min/max insertion level, always check before adjusting for your safety. The seat can usually be rasied by loosening the seat clamp (either using an allen key, a quick release skewer or a nut) then set the seat pin to the correct height and retighten. Please avoid over tightening as the seat bolt or clamp can snap if overtightened!

How do I fit pedals?

With care!

As a general guide: The left-hand pedal arm (if you are sitting on the bike saddle) is a REVERSE THREAD i.e. you turn it anti-clockwise to tighten it! The right hand pedal fits with a standard thread. Usually the pedals have an L or R stamped on them or a peelable sticker on them to show which pedal is which! Please note putting the wrong pedal in the wrong crank arm can damage the threads, and not tightening the pedals with the correct tools can result in the threads stripping and your pedal unscrewing itself whilst you are riding!

We advise you use a proper pedal spanner to remove and fit pedals.

What size inner tube do I need?

Read the side wall of the tyre (the side part of the tyre between the rim of the wheel and the tyre tread that touches the road/mud. You can expect to see a list of numbers, e.g. 26 x 1.90 This would mean a 26 x 1.5-2.10 inner tube would fit this tyre, because 1.90 falls between the inner tube range. If you still are not sure, please email us!

What is the law about bike lights?

You should have a fixed light on your bike (front and rear) if you are riding in dark conditions, the lights should conform to BS (British Standards) to be road legal. We recommend you have at least two lights front and rear, please contact us for further information using the contact form on the contact us page.

Do I need reflectors?

Yes! They reflect car headlights and can give you a greater chance of being seen by other road users. Reflectors are not just useful for night time, they help in foggy and dawn/dusk situations. Here are our Reflectors

Do I need a helmet?

Do you value your brain? You should always wear a helmet! Even if you are just pottering along on a cyclepath, it is imperative you protect yourself and wear a helmet. Browse our Cycle Helmets here

Do I need cycle glasses?

Statistically you are more likely to have an eye injury than a head injury when riding, so yes! Wear Cycling Glasses!

How often should I get my bike serviced?

As a general rule:

If you ride occassionally 1-10 times a year (Service Bicycle every 12 months)

If you ride the bike 2 - 7 times a week up to 3 - 10 miles a journey (every 3 months take the bike to your local bike shop to see if anything needs doing and service when appropriate, this would probably be every 6 months) Bike shops can often look over your bike free of charge to check to see if everything is safe, and you can then book it in for a service if it needs it. A chain stretch checking tool is essential for commuters to see if the chain needs replacing. This will reduce cog wear if the chain is replaced often.

If you ride for a competition or a longer sponsored ride like the London to Brighton ride, we would say have a service the week before the ride and check everything is bedded in for the big day with a test ride!

How can I make my bike more comfy?

The main things you can do for a more comfortable ride are:

1. Get properly fitted for your bike at our showroom!

2. Raise the handlebars to give yourself a straighter back.

3. Fit a more comfortable saddle (A gel one is a good idea).

4. Fit more comfortable handlebars for example some that sweep back and are more comfortable to hold.

5. Fit comfort gel handlebar grips, and/or paddle grips.

6. Fit a suspension seat post to absorb shocks in the lower back.

7. it bar-ends for an alternative riding position.

8. Fit a stem raiser or adjustable handlebar stem.

9. Wear padded cycling shorts or get a gel seat cover.

10. Wear cycling gloves with foam or gel padding.

How can I protect myself against punctures?

You have three options:

1. Be prepared for a puncture and always ride with a spare tube, tyre levers, pump, puncture repair kit.

2. Fit a puncture resistant tyre like the Marathon Plus range from Schwalbe, or a puncture resistant inner tube.

3. Browse our tyre liners, slime fluid for inner tubes and other puncture prevention products

What does alloy frame mean?

Alloy framed bikes are usually lighter than steel equivalents. It is not often a good thing having a steel frame unless you need a rugged frame for touring (in which case we recommend Reynolds Tubing) and if it is a BMX look out for Cro-Mo frames.

Should I go for a 29er?

29er's give you the following benefits:

Better angle of attack than a 26" wheel (like a tractor wheel being massive, the larger the wheel the smaller the rock feels when you pass over it).

29er's can be a more comfortable mountain bike for taller riders as the bike will feel more in proportion to the rider. In contrast we would not recommend a very short person use a 29er as they could have a lack of control over the bike on off-road terrain.

29ers can freewheel longer as they are more efficient and offer less rolling resistance than a 26" tyre, so potentially you could go faaaaaaster!

29ers are relatively new to UK soil, and therefore have not been tweaked for as many years as the 26" wheel mtb's. Therefore you should always go for the newest 29er's available to get the latest technology and frame geometry on the market for a bike with 29 inch wheels.

Contact us if you want to know if a 29er is the right bike for you!

Should I go for a 27.5" Wheel MTB?

27.5 or 650B wheels are quite new to the UK. They will offer similar comfort to a 29er, a slightly longer wheelbase than a 26" wheel mtb and less rolling resistance than a 26" wheel. Also once the wheel is up to speed it should maintain its speed better than a smaller wheel. To 27.5 or not to 27.5 that is the question!? Call us if you want to see if they are the right buying decision for you!

What is the top speed of your Electric bikes?

Just under 15 mph. This is so you don't need road tax, a license, insurance and a helmet! This does not mean you cannot travel faster than 15mph, it just means this is the top speed it can assist you to reaching.

Do I need disc brakes?

Disc brakes look cool, but are they necessary?

Do you live on a hill? (Yes? Disc brakes could be useful)

Do you regularly ride up and down hills? (Yes? Disc brakes could be useful)

Are you above average weight? (Yes? Disc brakes could be useful)

As a general rule:

Disc Brakes are amazing if they are hydraulic, but if they are cable operated they may only work as well as a decent v-brake when set-up correctly. You don't have to have disc brakes on your bike to stop safely. We sell many bicycles with effective high quality v-brake systems. V-Brakes can be lighter, and just as effective as some disc systems. Also V-Brakes tend to be cheaper for replacing pads, and easier to make adjustments.

Email us if you want to know if Disc Brakes are best for your riding situations.

How much should I spend on a bike?

As a rule of thumb:

Occassional use £200-£300 (3 times a year)

Regular use leisure £300 - £500 (10 times a year+)

Everyday and regular use £500 - £1000 (commute to work everyday or intend to ride every weekend)

Competition use £1,000+ (you want to win don't you?)

Please note this is really only a guide, it depends on so many different factors, so please do not hesitate to contact us by email for more in depth help chossing the right bike for yourself.

How much should I spend on an Electric Bike?

As a rule of thumb:

Occassional use £1000 (3 times a year)

Regular use leisure £1000 - £1750 (10 times a year+)

Everyday and regular use £1750 - £3000 (commute to work everyday or intend to ride every weekend)

Competition use £4000+ (you want to win don't you?)

Please note this is really only a guide, it depends on so many different factors, so please do not hesitate to contact us by email for more in depth help chossing the right bike for yourself.

What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is a bit like saying 'a Christian' it covers lots of different types of bike and many bikes fall under the umbrella of Hybrid Bike.

A good example of a hybrid bike is the Voyager LX however we have not placed it in the hybrid section, and have given it it's own comfort bike section, because it is our most comfy bicycle!

Some hybrid bikes features:

26" wheel hybrids can sometimes come with: Adjustable handlebar stems, Cross tyres that can be used both on and off road, Suspension forks, Dutch style handlebars.

700c road bike hybrids can sometimes come with: straight handlebars, road tyres (700 x 18-28c) and are often called sport and fitness bikes.

700 x 32-40c trekking hybrid bikes often come with: a cross tyre suitable for road and off road, suspension forks, drop handlebars, carbon forks.

There are so many types of hybrid, this is purely a guide to give you an idea of what is out there!

What bike should I go for?

We hate to answer a question with a question but:

Where will you be riding?

Email us and we will give you some suggestions! Email your height and inside leg measurements to for a tailored bike fit.

Do you sell cycling shoes?

Yes! Find them HERE We would advise you buy one size larger than you would wear in a normal shoe as they tend to be quite a tight fit!

What are my pedal options?

If you are taller than average, heavier than average or have wider feet than average we would recommend you go for an alloy sealed bearing pedal. This will give you better grip, less flex and better durability than plastic pedals. Check out our bike pedals here

Where Can I Find Tyre Sizing and Technical Information About Tyres?

Here! Bicycle Tyre Sizing and Technical Information from Schwalbe

Which lights should I go for?

To be seen: LED lights
To see ahead of you: 1 watt as a minimum brightness
To be seen from behind: 1/2 watt as a minimum brightness

Check out our bike lights here

What lock should I go for?

As a general guide:

Cable locks for short intervals locking the bike up

D-Locks for locking the bike up at a station or place of work for extended periods of time.

Things people forget:


Security code your bike as an extra detterent.

Do not lock your bike to a post that is too low as thieves can lift your whole bike & lock over the post and take it away!

Try not to lock your bike in the same place each day.

Browse our locks here

Find out if your insurance company specify 'Gold Sold Secure' locks before you buy a lock! We sell Squire Gold Sold Secure Locks and we rate them as the best available.

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