Haibike Xduro & Sduro Electric Bike FAQ's

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This guide to the Xduro (Bosch powered eBikes) and Sduro (Yamaha electric bike systems) by Haibike Germany will answer some of the frequently asked questions we receive on these amazing electric bikes. continued...

Yamaha vs Bosch eBikes

Pedelec or e-bike?

We only sell systems that require pedalling, this will mean that without effort being exerted you will not get any power from the ebike motor. This will ensure you are exercising and not 'cheating'. The clever Bosch system will kick out power in proportion to your effort.

The more power you put in, the more power is kicked out!

Our bikes can all be considered "Pedelec" bikes (pedal electric). This is in contrast to electric scooters or escooters (WE DO NOT SELL OR RECOMMEND ESCOOTERS). Some people get confused with electric (or ebike) terminology and wrongly believe a bicycle with a throttle powering an electric motor is an electric bike. Yes it may be electric, it may have wheels and pedals, BUT if you do not have to pedal to ride it, it is not in our eyes a real ebike, and it certainly is not a pedelec. We would consider it an electric scooter or escooter. So now we have cleared that up it's time to explain the different classes of pedelec ebikes.


Can you explain how the ebike assists you?

As explained before you must pedal and exert force on the pedals to get power. Three sensors take measurements 1000 per second to give you a smooth power output in relation to your input. That's right, you cannot cheat the system. You will ride up that hill quickly, and with more ease if you want to, but it will certainly still give you some exercise and the more effort you exert the more power will be kicked out by the ebike motor and the more fun you will have!

Your own physical force is an essential part of the riding experience. Don't forget this is an electric bicycle, and by its nature should mean it must be pedalled.

The level of support is sufficient to increase your ride force by 250% in Turbo mode! YES! 2.5 times the power! Whether you want a strenuous workout or a smooth laid back ride - the choice is yours.

Back up a minute! What does Xduro and SDuro mean?

Xduro refers to Bosch ebike systems, so our Haibike models that are powered by Bosch motors, batteries and head units.

Sduro means a Yamaha powered electric bike, using Yamaha battery, motor and head unit.

Fully Bosch and Yamaha Trained

Do I need to wear a helmet?

You do not have to wear a helmet, but our advice for your safety is YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR A CYCLE HELMET!

We also recommend wearing protective eyewear because you are more likely to receive an eye injury than a head injury whilst riding a bicycle!

We sell a range of cyclist's glasses, the best are usually interchangeable lens systems so you can change the lens depending on light/ride conditions.

Do I need Road Tax, A Driving License & Insurance?

No! For our road legal ebikes you just need common sense and the ability to pedal a bike! As for insurance you could always look into insuring your product against theft or accidental damage. Contact your insurance agent for more details.

eBikes are so heavy, does this make them cumbersome?

No! The design of our electric bikes is all about comfort and control, that means giving you a low centre of gravity is essential. That is why the drive unit is situated under the bike. You will feel in control and when you ride.

Handy walk assist modes mean you can hold a button on the handlebars and the bike will walk with you when crossing a car park or walking up a hill.

Why do some models only have 9, 10 or 11 speed gears?

The Bosch system is designed to only have a single chainring on the front, this front chainring is often quite small (16T) and the internal gearing increases it's range to make it the equivalent of a 40T chainring (will multiply the cog size by 2.5). The smaller chainring is designed to stop the chain falling off, and it works REALLY WELL!

The smaller chainring will also give you much better clearance from the ground for off road use.

Some Bosch models come with Sram dual drive (9 speed derailleur and 3 speed hub combined system to give 27 speed gears!) This system is better suited for trekking duty and not full off-road.

The Sduro Yamaha system on our Haibike can have factory fitted double front chain rings, this will give a much wider gear range choice in eMTB (electric Mountain Bikes).

Xduro or Sduro? Which should I choose?

This is purely my opinion after riding both systems on similar on & off-road terrain for a prolonged period. Please excuse the car analogy but it really works for these models.

I would compare the Bosch system to being the ebike equivalent of a Mercedes Benz in build quality, gadgetry and performance. Also in relation to International sales, servicing and warranty. They are the ultimate electric bike system because they tick all of these boxes with a definite tick!

The drive system feel is reliable, powerful and has a refined feel, it also has a split second delay in delivering power, so on hill starts may have a little pause before kicking in on the initial push down of the pedals.

The Yamaha system would be comparable to a BMW, it's great and the instant power will give you a thrill as the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end from the second you push down on the pedal. But this is a cheaper system ands it is not yet as widely used as the Bosch system, so user feedback is more limited and they have not been around long enough to bring to light any warranty or service details on a useful enough scale.

The Yamaha system is obviously cheaper and that can be a plus point if cost is your main concern. Both bike systems Bosch & Yamaha have their place and they will both deliver amazing power and high quality components and exceptionally long warranty periods. That is why we sell both systems, and that is why Haibike have chosen to use both in their ebike system designs.

Modifying the Factory Set Country Specific Speed on your eBike

As you may or may not be aware, there has been much talk recently of the de-restriction of electric bikes in the UK to exceed current legal limits.

To be clear on our position we are adding the below information to our public facing websites in relation to our ebikes.

These statements are in line with the best interests of our consumers and of course in line with recommendations from our suppliers.

The following notification will be added to our terms and conditions: on our relevant websites:


Please be aware that this bike is regulated in line with existing Electric Power Assisted Cycles regulations.

Any modification to the bike will invalidate the guarantee and in particular any modification which increases the power of the motor and/or the top assisted speed of the bike may make the rider liable to prosecution.

Excluding statutory obligations MailOrderBikes Cyclelife Shoreham will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred following any modification to this product.

Furthermore, the following will be added to FAQ section of our websites:

Is Tuning Authorised?

The are various companies and individuals who offer a "tuning" or customized modification of Bosch e-bike Systems, especially through the internet.

As the original component manufacturer, Bosch e-Bike Systems strongly advises against using such products and services, or attempting to modify a Bosch e-Bike System yourself: there is a great risk of shortening your system’s service life, and of damaging both the drive unit and the bike.

There is also the danger of negating the guarantee and warranty claims on the bike you purchased.

In addition, improper treatment of the system will endanger your safety and that of other road users, risking accidents as a result of this tuning, as well as steep personal liability costs and even criminal prosecution.

Therefore, Bosch e-Bike Systems calls upon all e-bike riders and vendors to refrain from "tuning" products and services.

I want to buy a used ebike whose owner claims to have made some "improvements" to the system. What do you recommend?

Our clear advice in this situation: Stay away from such offers.

The Bosch e-Bike System is designed for maximum safety and service life, and all components of the system are controlled and monitored by very complex software. Any intervention in the structure of the system will almost certainly lead to deterioration in function: It can jeopardize the safety of the rider, cause wear to greatly increase, or even mean that operation and use violate legal regulations.

Any work on the system except by an authorized person or organization following the manufacturers' guidelines would certainly negate any Guarantee or Warranty offered by the manufacturer or supplier.

With all the power my ebike can deliver will the cogs wear quicker than a conventional bicycle?

On the Xduro models the front chainring is smaller but in tests there was no significant increase in wear of the chainring or the chain. In fact the chain ring is specially designed to transmit the chain's force and reduce wear. Replacement chain rings are available from at least two manufacturers including FSA. The chain is best replaced with a KMC ebike specific chain, this will reduce wear, as it will not stretch as easily as a budget chain.

Can we visit your showroom?


We have a great selection of electric bikes to view and test ride at our Shoreham showroom in Sussex. If you live further afield we can arrange for a video link via Skype or Facetime.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions:

Cyclelife Shoreham

E-bike Specialist & Technician
Tel. 01273 596368
E. sales@mailorderbikes.com

This article is a work in progress! CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES

How long is the life of my battery?

According to factory specification Bosch guarantees 500 cycles at 70% capacity within two years! Assuming a mean range of 70km per full charge, the battery would be suitable for at least 35,000 km Year Performance suffice (70km per charge the battery x 500 times = 35,000km).

Explanation: All lithium-ion batteries have a limited life. First the cells "age" over time, making them lose capacity. Secondly the number and type of loading cycles have an influence on the lifetime. Both are inherent properties within the chemistry of the battery cells and therefore batteries will always lose capacity over time.

How can I extend the life of my battery?

Tip 1: Download your battery "flat":
You can prolong the life of your battery partially clear by him "flat load": Let him never be completely empty, but you charge it frequently. Take him for a charger, even if it is not yet full. The reason: just when fully discharged battery and just before the full charge, the greatest charging currents and thus higher cell temperatures that have a negative impact on the cell life.

Tip 2: Keep away from heat & cold!
Note that lithium ion batteries are temperature dependent. Avoid excessive heat (you park your eBike always in the shade) or extreme cold. The optimum operating temperature is between a minimum of + 5 ° C to a maximum of + 35 ° C, the ideal storage and charging temperature is between 0 ° C to + 25 ° C.Bitte note also refer to the terms of use in your system manual.

Tip 3: Proper storage when not in use:
If you do not drive (eg in winter) your eBike length of time, remove the battery and follow these tips: To charge the battery up to 60% (3-4 LEDs) and store it in uniform temperatures (around 10 ° ) in a dry place. The battery just charged fully to Resuming.

How long does the battery fully charged?

Thanks to the standard quick charger, the 400Wh battery can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours, the 300Wh however, already in 2.5 hours. After 1.5 h or 1 h it is charged to 50%.

Can I charge the battery on the eBike?

When BOSCH Classic + system, the battery must be removed for charging. The new Bosch system from 2015 (Active & Performance) it can be charged directly on the eBike or indoors off the bike.

How can I tell how a battery is "good" yet?

Your Haibike dealer can about a particular service tool read a lot of information about the battery: Number of full charge cycles, maximum residual capacity when fully charged, maximum temperature in history, provided ampere-hours during the previous "life" and more.

Is there a replacement battery, and how much do they cost?

Of course. The price is around £500+.

How do you calculate the residual range?

The remaining range is calculated from three factors: the consumption of the last kilometer, the current driving situation and the remaining battery capacity. From these values, the system calculates a forecast of how far the current battery charge is sufficient for the current driving style yet.

Since this value is calculated dynamically, the value is updated constantly updated and therefore will change in some cases significantly while driving. So you will find that the residual range decreases immediately if you change to a higher driving mode, as now more power from the constant Remaining battery capacity must be retrieved. It can also be reversed, that the range rises again, as you may qualify in a flatter area now needs less energy. The remaining range is an important way to plan your battery capacity on long trips as efficiently as possible. Keep them therefore always in mind.

If the residual range resettable separately?
No. The remaining range is calculated automatically and can not be reset. It is a constant calculation to give a clearer range indication as time goes on.

Can the odometer can be reset?
No, because the total kilometers an important indicator for the use of e-bikes. It is like a car system and mileage is important for servicing and resale.

The range (distance achievable with assistance) of your XDUROs (Bosch eBikes)

The range is considered by many as one of the key criteria for e-bikes, which is why it is one of the central questions of course remains. However, the answer is neither easy nor universal. We have therefore tried to provide in this area all about reach for you together and prepared below a small interactive demonstration on the subject for you.

1. The maximum range under ideal conditions
The Bosch system belong to the energy-efficient drives on the market. According to Bosch, a eBiker achieve a range of up to 175km with a 400Wh battery. But beware, this is true only when absolutely ideal conditions (flat route, no headwind, minimum support level, 75kg driver, 20km / h speed Cruise-motor, etc.).

2. The range under practical conditions
In reality, the conditions set course always different shows - and thus the range. Because unlike, for example, in automobiles, the external and internal factors influence energy consumption and thus the range of e-bikes much more.

An example:
A car with 1,500kg curb weight has to spend most of the energy for themselves to offset moving. The assumed rider weight of 80kg playing with his 5% of the total weight while only a minor role. When eBike this is exactly reversed: 80kg driver 4 times weight of 20kg-e-bikes, which is why the acceleration of its body mass naturally has the largest share of energy consumption.

3. Overview of the main factors influencing the range
But the weight is just one of many of the factors that influence the range. In truth, there are many more which can still influence the range:

1. The route
- Topography (mountainous or flat)
- Frequency of journeys (stop-and-go in the city or even tour over land)
- Underground (soft, uneven or hard, flat)

2. The total weight
- Rider weight
- Loading weight
- EBike weight

3. Your driving behavior
- Your selected electrical level of support
- Speed
- Smooth passage
- Correct gear selection

4. The resistors
- Headwind
- Airstream (depending on the speed)
- Rolling resistance of your tires (tire pressure & profiling)
- Internal resistance

5. Efficiency & age of your drive system:
- Efficiency of the motor
- Capacity of the battery
- Age and condition of the battery

To make matters worse, that these factors influence each other be strong. So take a ride with frequent journeys is particularly energy-prone, if it is a serious rider who at that accelerates uphill.

4. To train the reach of your XDUROs realistically assess
As you can see, a comprehensive and general statement on the scope of the eBike is simply not possible, since it too much depends on you as a driver. Therefore, there is only one person who can answer that question seriously: you make.

Learn why your XDURO and its consumption know by watching the residual range indicator in the display and the impact of your control strategies it. Make initially smaller test tours in which you test the range gradually. Experience shows that you develop very quickly a real feel for your XDURO and can make your tours soon to assess very carefully.

Experience shows that you have already more battery capacity on board than you really need in on most tours. Only really extreme tours with lots of altitude or extreme length mean a prematurely dead battery.




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