Important Information Regarding Electric Bike Derestriction!

Thursday 13 October 2016, Filed in: General

Raleigh UK the distributors of Haibike electric bikes have just made this statement concerning the use of dongles or derestriction devices on ebikes... read on....

Our Supplier Raleigh UK Ltd's position on de-restricting electric bikes updated

5th November 2016

Dear Customer

I am writing you as a valued customer and someone with whom we have a strong partnership in the growth of electric bikes specifically.

De-restriction of electric bicycles is a very real issue for our industry. There are various companies who offer "tuning" or de-restriction of Bosch and Yamaha Electric bike systems, especially through the internet. The law is clear – you can only legally ride a de-restricted electric bike off-road, on private land and with the permission of the land owner.

As a manufacturer and distributor of Raleigh and Haibike Electric bikes, Raleigh UK strongly advises against using such products and services, or attempting to modify any electric system to work outside of the parameters set out by both ebike and relevant parts manufacturer. By doing so there is a risk of shortening your systems service life and damaging the drive unit of the bike. Any form of derestriction or modification to the bike will automatically invalidate all warranties including any 3rd party component warranties. Please note, Bosch and Yamaha do not manufacture, or wish for you to use in any way, a derestriction devise or modification.
In addition Raleigh UK categorically do not approve of the illegal riding of de-restricted electric bikes. Riding a derestricted electric bicycle that hasn’t been through the proper type approval (not to mention insurance, licensing, registration etc) in a public place, is illegal. In the eyes of the law it will be treated as a motorised vehicle. It will endanger your safety and that of other road users, risking accidents as a result of this tuning, as well as steep fines, prosecution and the risk having your driving licence taken away. We take our duty of care in this matter very seriously and will be undertaking a series of consumer communications initiatives to ensure that people are aware of the facts, the risks but also the great fun they can have with Raleigh UK Electric bikes when they are ridden safely, responsible and legally. More information on this campaign will follow in due course.

This is a new and exciting industry and one which we must work together to grow positively and responsibly. I am asking therefore, that as our partner in electric bikes, you undertake the following actions which we believe will help to protect both the safety of our customers and the future of this business.
With immediate effect Raleigh UK ask that all stockists of Raleigh, Koga and Haibike Electric provide clear and proactive information on de-regulation for your customers both on your website and instore. This information must make the legal, safety and warranty implications of riding de-restricted bikes illegally very clear and should be displayed prominently i.e. on your website home page not in hidden in FAQs and on the counter not under the counter in-store.

In addition with immediate effect, Raleigh UK reserves the right to de-list any stockist found to be fitting or selling derestriction devices to consumers for use on UK public roads / cycle paths / trails.

This makes our position quite clear and I look forward to working with you in the future to further growth this market safely and responsibly.

Yours sincerely

Pippa Wibberley

Sales and Marketing Director
Raleigh UK Limited

Dear Consumer:

Re. Raleigh's position on de-restricting electric bikes

As you may or may not be aware, there has been much talk recently of the de-restriction of electric bikes in the UK to exceed current legal limits.

To be clear on our position we are adding the below information to our public facing websites in relation to our ebikes.

These statements are in line with the best interests of our consumers and of course in line with recommendations from our suppliers.

The following notification will be added to each e-bike on our websites:


Please be aware that this bike is regulated in line with existing Electric Power Assisted Cycles regulations.

Any modification to the bike will invalidate the guarantee and in particular any modification which increases the power of the motor and/or the top assisted speed of the bike may make the rider liable to prosecution.

Excluding statutory obligations Raleigh will not be held responsible for any injuries incurred following any modification to this product.

Furthermore, the following will be added to FAQ section of our websites:

Is Tuning Authorised?

The are various companies and individuals who offer a "tuning" or customized modification of Bosch e-bike Systems, especially through the internet.

As the original component manufacturer, Bosch e-Bike Systems strongly advises against using such products and services, or attempting to modify a Bosch e-Bike System yourself: there is a great risk of shortening your system’s service life, and of damaging both the drive unit and the bike.

There is also the danger of negating the guarantee and warranty claims on the bike you purchased.

In addition, improper treatment of the system will endanger your safety and that of other road users, risking accidents as a result of this tuning, as well as steep personal liability costs and even criminal prosecution.

Therefore, Bosch e-Bike Systems calls upon all e-bike riders and vendors to refrain from "tuning" products and services.

I want to buy a used ebike whose owner claims to have made some "improvements" to the system. What do you recommend?

Our clear advice in this situation: Stay away from such offers.

The Bosch e-Bike System is designed for maximum safety and service life, and all components of the system are controlled and monitored by very complex software. Any intervention in the structure of the system will almost certainly lead to deterioration in function: It can jeopardize the safety of the rider, cause wear to greatly increase, or even mean that operation and use violate legal regulations.

Any work on the system except by an authorized person or organization following the manufacturers' guidelines would certainly negate any Guarantee or Warranty offered by the manufacturer or supplier.

Best Regards

Raleigh UK

Haibike Public Statement on Derestriction:

Stay clean!

To chip your eBike and ride it on public streets or trails is illegal and will cause any warranty to be voided. This also hurts the sport and its acceptance in society and with political and advocacy groups. A few black sheep cast a shadow on the entire sport. Stay away from tuning chips! 13/10/16

This is a work in progress please contact us for typos, amendments and questions.Tel 01273 596368

Kind Regards

Cyclelife Shoreham


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